After many years of research AdVet has formulated product that has just the right balance of impressive ingredients that will maintain your pet’s health and hygiene. AdVet's Hygienic formulas were developed by veterinarians and groomers using the most trusted and natural ingredients. We are proud to say that all of our ingredients are naturally sourced in the United States. The following is a list of our innovative ingredients used to maximize your pet's daily hygiene.


Homeopathic remedy
Good for muscle aches, bruises, strains and other injuries
Alleviates arthritis symptoms
Promotes healing
Aloe Vera:
Clean and protect hot spots
Antibacterial, Disinfectant
Anesthetic effect – very soothing. Reduces sensitivity to external irritants
Positive effect on digestive system
Rheumatic & muscular pain. Encourages hair growth
>.1% Tea Tree:
Soothe and protect skin
Reduced dry skin
Cleanses the pores
Antiseptic (as good as antibiotic without any side effects)
Speeds healing process
Vitamin E: 
Improves texture of coat
Itch relief
Skin irritations
Promotes healthy skin renewal
Reduces flakiness
Gives a healthy, glossy coat
>.1% Peppermint:
Antiparasitic properties
Natural bug deterrent (fleas, ticks, mosquitos)
Stimulates lymphatic system
Cooling, soothing, relieves itching & irritation
Refreshing scent

*Although products containing low concentrations of tea tree oil and peppermint oil are not expected to be a problem in pets, the use of pure tea tree oil and peppermint directly on the skin or digested is potentially very serious in pets and should never be used. AdVet is well aware of this issue which is why we makes sure to use the right and healthy amount (>.1%) of extracted tea tree oil and peppermint oil that has proven to have major benefits for your dog’s skin and fur.


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