NEW FLEX BAG - 100oz Natural PRO Cleanse Dog Shampoo Concentrate 16:1- 32:1

PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: Dilutes 16:1- 32:1. A natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic shampoo made with the highest quality Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). This gentle shampoo is a great choice for dogs that have sensitive skin. Medicated with just the right formulation of Vitamins and natural oils so it penetrates into the skin to help soothe and treat many skin irritations including severe dry itchy flaky skin, hot spots, ringworm, flea bite dermatitis, seborrhea and other dermal inflammations. We utilize the most trusted natural benefits of rosemary, coconut oil, cedar wood, and peppermint. Cedar wood is the best option for a Natural Flea Control Alternative. Hydrolyzed wheat protein strengthens hair root and moisturizes skin while reducing shedding, and effectively cleanses any coat. This shampoo DOES NOT contain any harsh chemicals or alcohol. Safe for puppies.

 All AdVet Care shampoos is made in the USA

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