AdVet Cares Wash + Rescue

What is AdVet Cares?

AdVet Cares Wash + Rescue is a social project that was created and established by the Executive Director and founder of AdVet care, Jeffrey Arteaga, after the earthquake of April 16th, 2016 in Ecuador, where at least 660 people were killed and thousands were injured. This natural disaster also left many pets injured and homeless. This social project has managed to associate with some of the best companies within the pet industry, with the mission of rescuing and bathing as many dogs as possible so that they can be adopted. Our team is dedicated to create awareness of abandoned and needy companions.

Why Does AdVet Care?

Jeffrey Arteaga has dedicated his life to reducing the crises of many pets around the world through his AdVet Cares Wash + Rescue project. He is the owner of the AdVet Care Hygienics line, which is a treatment line for dogs' skin and hair. This line was created when Jeffrey rescued a Pitbull that had severe skin problems. Because of this, he contacted his uncle, who is a veterinarian in Ecuador, and is an advocate of using essential oils for his treatments. With his help, he created a shampoo with essential oils to help his dog's skin problems and decided to dedicate himself to helping as many dogs as possible.