Natural Cleanse Dog Conditioner

Use full strength or Dilute 10:1This Natural Cleanse Conditioner has a unique blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, humectants and conditioners that are critical in revitalizing. AdVet Natural Cleanse Conditioner is the ultimate soothing treatment for dogs with dry and irritated skin. Rosemary oil, tea tree oil and vitamin E will calm your dog's skin while teaming up with other completely natural botanicals and gentle moisturizers to leave your dog smelling fresh and feeling rejuvenated. The combination of these ingredients will give your dog’s coat the luster you have been unable to find with other products.  All while keeping it’s skin moisturized and soothed from any irritants. Humectants and Conditioners it creates a healthy coat and helps reduce future shedding

 All AdVet Care shampoos is made in the USA

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